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Welcome to Kulturfolger.

Kulturfolger is luxury.

Welcome to our third year.



Luxury is something we can say it belongs to the domain of private pleasure: luxury gives you more than you have the right to expect - it gives thicker chocolate coating, more fruit, more education, more intellect. Luxury is opposite of conspicuous consumption.

What I want to provoke here now, is can we think of luxury as a desire of human culture to go beyond common, to break the boundaries? Maybe we first need to transcend the naturalized distinction between the necessary and unnecessary, or excessive. 


Why is luxury such a tainted concept? Luxury annoys us. Because we are constantly reminded to have a good footprint, to save, to be sustainable. But can we envision having endless energy that is not just bound to ground. We already have abundance of information. How to deal with it? This abundant thinking breeds sophistication. It is decadent. And a bit scary.

Luxury is not a joke.  

Luxury is not showing off.

Luxury is reading books.

Luxury is discussing philosophy.

Luxury is many interpretations.

Luxury is sending man to the moon.


This year we will have 5 chapters - acts. In each of these chapters, we will have three concepts. Three, in order in escape duality, and to have a rotation and a negotiation between them. Since luxury is a cliché, with negative connotations, we want to bind it with concepts that surprise us and are important for critically engaging in 21.st century. Therefore we are putting luxury in a triangle that steps out of duality of negative and positive. 


First triplet is time - negentropy - relativity.


For this year - Time is luxury. We either have it too much or too little - both are luxury. Time is luxury only if it’s relative. Why? Because luxury gives time the possibility of multiple interpretations. Time as relativity, as Einstein suggested, depends on the viewer, on the speed of traveling.

It's just like in the generic sea, rare islands of negentropy, or order, become luxury. A sophisticated luxury.


This is exactly the triangle we are trying to work with - time - negentropy - relativity. And the time we have now is very intellectual; it is exactly the type of luxury we are trying to catch.


And a beautiful format to discuss these complicated topics is Chefs Table. That's why I'll now use the analogy of elaborate French menu to explain the courses to follow.  This first part of Kulturfolger consist out of 11 courses, one each week. Last week we started with an hors  d'ouevre, an appetizer where we ate humans. Is this the ultimate luxury or is it creation of entropy, the break of the order? Today we serve you a soup, that you can eat hot or cold, which is here to tease and stimulate your appetite. Our masterchef is Sabine. We are outside of clichés. Is this art, is this branding? Is this luxury? It's relative.


Each of these 11 meals will leave traces in the space, creating entropy or negentropy. If we make it, it's negentropy, if not, it's entropy.